You are of course welcome to purchase my photos

Photo Essay in Smile Magazine (CEBU Pacific AIR)

Photo Essay in Smile Magazine (CEBU Pacific AIR)

As a rule, I do not send finished and framed prints, but send you the processed digital photo so that you can print it or use it digitally at the print service of your choice.
The license costs are based on the following criteria:

  • Purpose (private / commercial)
  • Type of use (print / digital)
  • Number of publications and print run (once / several times)
  • Size (resolution for print or digital use)
  • Costs for preparation and post production

If you are completely confused by these terms and criteria, then write me a message with your needs.
Some of my photo series are licensed by the Caters News Agency, further selected photos can also be purchased on and

I look forward to your request.